•  Smoking is not permitted in any competition area.  

  •  APPEX DANCE AND THE HOSTING VENUE ARE NOT responsible for personal injury or property loss.


Newbie: Ages 5-7

Mini: 8-10

Junior: 11-12

Teen: 13-15

Senior: Ages 16 +

  • All categories are the average age.  To reach the average age, add the ages of all the dancers together, then divide by the number of dancers in the routine.  Drop all decimals, and that is the average age.

  • Names, ages, and birth dates of all dancers must appear in the registration system, or it will not be accepted. Birth Certificates must be available upon request if the dancers age needs verification. 

  • All ages for Convention, re determined as of January 1st, 2019. (For example: Ages for October 2018 events will be as of January 1st 2019, and ages for March 2019 events will be as of January 1st 2019.)


DIVISION                                    TIME LIMIT            FEE (PER DANCER)

SOLO (1 DANCER)                           2:45                               $80

DUO/TRIO (2-3 DANCERS)              2:45                               $55

SMALL GROUP (4-9 DANCERS)      3:00                               $35

LARGE GROUP (10-19 DANCERS)  3:00                               $35

DANCE CHALLENGE (PER DANCER)                                   $20

  • All entries are final and non-refundable.  No exceptions.  To keep our competition fees low we will not refund any registered routines for dancers.  No exchanges, credits or refunds. Entries that are canceled due to injury or illness will not be refunded.

  • All Major Credit Cards, cash, and studio checks are accepted as forms of payment. No personal Checks are excepted.  

  • All returned checks are subject to a $40.00 fee.



  • You may upload your music online under the competition portion of your online registration or email the music with all of the attached information (corresponding dance, dancers, studio etc) to

  • Registered teachers must turn in one FlashDrive labeled with your studio name and code. Each entry should be labeled with the routine name and studio.  

  • All music must be submitted as an mp3 file.

  • No CDs will be accepted, even as backups.  Please back up all files on a flash drive. 

  • Teachers should have an additional back-up for every entry on hand, in case the primary Flash Drive does not work.

  • Submit all flash drives to the registration desk at the teach registration check in.  All flash drives will be imported to the competition system.  You must turn in all music prior to the event division starting.

  • All music must be free of profanity and age (family) appropriate.  Apexx Dance is not responsible for any music that is not picked up left on flash drives.  If you turn in a flash drive please pick it up right away.



  • Jazz:  A routine demonstrating jazz technique, utilizing up-tempo music.

  • Lyrical:  A routine that demonstrates lyrical technique.

  • Contemporary:  A mix of jazz styles with emphasis on modern ballet technique.

  • Hip-Hop:  A routine that demonstrates hip-hop or street type moves.

  • Ballet:  Routines must consist of ballet or pointe technique.  Ballet, or pointe shoes must be worn to be entered in the ballet category.

  • Tap:  A routine containing tap technique, performed with tap shoes.  No tap sounds to be recorded over audio.

  • Musical Theatre:  A routine showcasing Broadway or theatre dance styles.  Singing is permitted in this category only.  Microphones for vocals are not provided.

  • Open:  A routine that demonstrates any dance style or combination of dance styles.  Examples include, acro-gymnastics, ballroom, novelty, and character. Routines containing more than 4 gymnastic/acro tricks must be entered in this category.



 Platinum: 295-300

 High Gold: 285-294

 Gold: 270-284

 Silver: 250-269

 Bronze: 230-249



 Technique: 50 points

 Performance: 20 points

 Choreography & Musicality: 20 points

 Overall Appearance: 10 points


  • All entries will be adjudicated by 3-4 judges. When there are four judges, the lowest score is automatically dropped.

  • If there is a tie, it will be broken by adding the fourth judge's score. If a tie remains after the addition of the fourth judge's score, the competition will be judged a tie. When there are only three judges, the lowest score will not be dropped.

  • In addition to the adjudicated awards, an overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award will be given to the entries with the highest score in each division: Newbie, Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior.

  • Choreography awards will be presented to the most outstanding choreography in the Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior divisions.


  • General props that are small and easy to move are allowed.  Ceiling heights vary.  Due to the size of the stage, large “set” style props are NOT ALLOWED.  Please contact the Apexx Dance Office if you are concerned with the size of a prop.

  • No dangerous props (Examples: fire, swords, guns, knives, sparklers, etc.) or live animals.

  • No use of water, paint or other slippery materials that has the potential to cause injury or damage stage flooring.

  • No chalk is permitted.

  • Normal use of rosin for pointe shoes is allowed.

  • No scenery. However, a person not moving as a prop for a routine is acceptable.

  • Props must be set up and removed from the stage within 1 minute.  Any additional time over could result in a deduction from the routine.

  • Apexx Dance is not responsible for moving props on and off stage.

  • Apexx Dance does not store props and is not responsible for lost or stolen props. Studios must label and store all props in a safe place to ensure they will be accessible.

  • Please contact Apexx Dance with any questions on approved props.



  • When registering for competition you agree to solos, duo/trios, and groups competing as early as 7am the day of event.

  • There will be reserved seating for all teachers with competing numbers marked on the row.

  • Competition can run as early as 30 minutes ahead. We strongly suggest be ready to perform 45 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

  • Sportsmanlike behavior is expected from all contestants, teachers and families at all times.  Any inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior could result in immediate disqualification or removal from the facility.

  • Entries are accepted in the order they are received. 

  • All entries must be registered.

  • All registering numbers are final sale.  No cancellations, reimbursements or exchanges.

  • We do not offer live streaming of our competition. This is something we will add in the future. 


  • All competing dancers must have turned in a signed waiver prior to competition.

  • All participants grant Apexx Dance and subsidiaries and/or subcontractors use of their photographs and/or videos for promotional use.

  • Routines must be age appropriate, and suitable for family viewing.  If judges deem routine inappropriate, point deduction or disqualification may occur.

  • General lifts are permitted.

  • Teachers are not permitted to perform with students.

  • Competing dancers must perform in their scheduled order, unless permission is given by to hold a number to allow time for costume changes. 

  • Competition order will not be altered to allow for rehearsal time or practice.

  • All decisions made by the judges are final.

  • Admission to the competition is free.


All entries will be adjudicated by 3-4 judges. When there are four judges, the lowest score is automatically dropped.


If there is a tie, it will be broken by adding the fourth judge's score. If a tie remains after the addition of the fourth judge's score, the competition will be judged a tie. When there are only three judges, the lowest score will not be dropped.


 A smaller wood stage built into the venue at Texas Station will be used for competition performance.